quarta-feira, julho 08, 2009

Da vida em sociedade

Em The Corner, o viciado em heroína Gary McCullough olha para uma enorme panela cheia de caranguejos vivos. Resume muita da mecânica das sociedades humanas:

GARY: See that?

CARDY: See what?

GARY: The minute one of them tries to break free... the others just snatch him right back down.

CARDY: What are you talking about, man? The crabs?

GARY: All of them. In that mess together, all of them... just thinking about themselves. If they get to thinking... they might see that they gonna rise or fall together.

CARDY: You sound like you're preaching, Gary. They're just crabs, is all, man.

GARY: All i'm saying is that when i had it, i shared it. I shared it with my family, i shared it with my friends, i shared it with those people in the neighbourhood who came around with their hard-luck stories. All i'm saying, Cardy, is that when i had it, i shared it. But you know how people treated me? Like one of those top-of-the-barrel crabs. Coz' when i was ready to make my move, they snatched me right back down!

CARDY: Come on Gary, people was proud of you, man. Your folks were always talking about how smart you was, and how hardworking you was.

GARY: They were talking about how much money i had, how much money i was making. But there wasn't no real pride. There wasn't no real love. I thought, when i fell... that people would like me more... for being like them.

- The Corner, Episódio 4 - «Dope Fiend's Blues»

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